Mahjong Game Rules

GameColony offers 2 ways to play Mahjong online:
  • Mahjong app for iPhone and Android
  • Web browser-based Mahjong
  • Mahjong is a popular tile-based game of skill, strategy and calculation that originated in China. Mahjong is similar to Gin Rummy where players collect sets (sets of tiles as opposed to cards) in the same suit or value. To declare mahjong, you need four sets of three tiles and one pair.

    Hong Kong Mahjong
    Riichi Mahjong
    Red Mahjong (2- 4 players)
    American and Chinese MCR version - coming in Spring 2018

  • If you choose to play with our mahjong bots for practice or fun, please see how our bots play - Mahjong Bots Algorithm.

  • Mahjong is traditionally played fast. If you do not make a move in the allotted time, the move will be made for you automatically: it will be a simple pick and discard of the tile just picked.

  • If you lose Internet connection, you can reconnect by reopening the web browser or by selecting the game table's Menu button followed by Reconnect.

  • In our 3D Mahjong, you can zoom in on tiles discarded by opponents and on open discard by double-clicking on that area and the camera will move in to that area. An extra click returns you to original view.

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